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Florence Henrietta Darwin
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Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Leo first say opened his uncle's safety deposit box?

2. Where has Karen seen the flowers that are in the vase that Mary is holding?

3. In Act III of "The Children's Hour," when does Joe pull away from Karen?

4. Who tells Regina that Horace has clipped her wings?

5. Who stole the missing food in Act II of "Days to Come"?

Short Essay Questions

1. What plan does Regina come up with to bring Horace home?

2. Explain what Julie says she's been searching for during her conversation with Whalen.

3. Who is Lily Mortar?

4. What does Regina want in exchange for the bonds, and what will she do if she doesn't get it?

5. What does Martha realize after learning that Joe and Karen broke up?

6. Describe the Giddens living room in "The Little Foxes."

7. Who tells Mrs. Tilford that Mary is a strange and bad girl and why?

8. According to Cal, what is Leo's reaction about finding out that Horace has the safety deposit box?

9. According to Leo, what is in Horace's safety deposit box?

10. In "The Little Foxes," Birdie cries out at the end of Act I. What reason does she give Alexandra, and what really happened?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Dialogue is the central way in which readers or views learn about characters. Choose a passage from "The Children's Hour" and explain how it helped you better understand a specific character.

Essay Topic 2

How does the author's use of stage directions affect your understanding of the plays.

Essay Topic 3

"The Autumn Garden" presents the themes of fear and the pain of loneliness. Analyze this and discuss other plays in which the theme of dealing with fear and loneliness is present.

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