Six Plays Short Essay - Answer Key

Florence Henrietta Darwin
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1. "The Children's Hour" was author Lillian Hellman's first play. Who did she dedicate it to?

Hellman's dedication for "The Children's Hour" reads "For D. Hammett With Thanks." Dashiell Hammett was friend and lover to Hellman. He was a writer whose best known works were "The Maltese Falcon" and "The Thin Man."

2. Describe the Wright-Dobie School for Girls.

The Wright-Dobie School for Girls is located in a renovated farm house eighteen miles from the town of Lancet. The school is established by two long-time friends, Karen Wright and Martha Dobie.

3. Who is Lily Mortar?

Mrs. Mortar is Martha's aunt who teaches voice and elocution to the students. She is a middle-aged, plump woman who talks about her days in the theater.

4. Why does Martha believe that Karen is letting the school "go to hell"?

Martha worries that Karen marrying Joe will affect the operating of their school.

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