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Florence Henrietta Darwin
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The Little Foxes, Act 2.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who in the play "Days to Come" is the "delicate prince in his ivory tower"?
(a) Firth.
(b) Andrew.
(c) Ellicot.
(d) Whalen.

2. In Act III of "The Children's Hour," when does Joe pull away from Karen?
(a) When she greets him.
(b) When she refuses to marry him.
(c) When Karen leans over to kiss him.
(d) When she says good-bye.

3. When Martha tells the grocery delivery boy that she is a freak, what else does she tell him?
(a) Not to ever come back.
(b) That she has eight fingers.
(c) To stop staring.
(d) That she is a witch.

4. What does Birdie want with the profits that her husband talks about?
(a) To have Lionnet back the way it was.
(b) A new piano.
(c) To travel.
(d) A new home.

5. What are the last words spoken in "Days to Come"?
(a) People say a lot of things they don't mean.
(b) For all the days to come.
(c) Your animals weren't touched.
(d) Get out.

Short Answer Questions

1. According to Agatha, what's a good remedy for Mary if she's ill?

2. What does Karen do in Act III to show that she doesn't want to listen to Martha anymore?

3. Who is the author of the work that Peggy is reading out loud in Act I of "The Children's Hour"?

4. Two people utter the phrase, "and that's where I've got to quit" in the first act of "Days to Come." Who are they?

5. What happened to Whalen's friend, Cliff Taylor?

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