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Florence Henrietta Darwin
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Another Part of the Forest, Act 3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Mrs. Mortar open the front door to?
(a) Agatha.
(b) A student.
(c) Joe.
(d) Mrs. Tilford.

2. Who told Julie that Leo Whalen likes to walk along the river?
(a) Old Mrs. Hicks.
(b) Hannah.
(c) Lucy.
(d) Tom Firth.

3. In "The Little Foxes" who received a night letter and from whom?
(a) Teck, from a bill collector.
(b) Anise, from a male friend.
(c) Marthe, from her mother.
(d) David, from Miss Carter.

4. Where will Sara and her family be arriving, and what is the expected time?
(a) Grand Central Station at 11:30.
(b) Lehigh Valley Station at 12:00.
(c) Georgetown Station at 11:50.
(d) Union Station at 12:10.

5. What does Karen do in Act III to show that she doesn't want to listen to Martha anymore?
(a) Screams.
(b) Leaves the room.
(c) Covers her ears.
(d) Begins singing.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Birdie want with the profits that her husband talks about?

2. How many new dresses has Regina purchased in Act of "Another Part of the Forest"?

3. When Martha tells the grocery delivery boy that she is a freak, what else does she tell him?

4. Who says to Julia, "Oh, some of it's the truth, and some of it isn't"?

5. Who does Ben refer to as a drunken crook?

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