Objects & Places from Six Plays

Florence Henrietta Darwin
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The Children's Hour - The Wright-Dobie School for Girls

This is a life-long dream of two of the main characters who are friends. It is also the setting for the first and third acts of the play.

Karen's Ornament

This item is destroyed by a student in the first act.

The Missing Bracelet

This item belongs to one of the students and is believed to be stolen.

Mrs. Tilford's Living Room

This is the setting of the second act where Karen and Martha confront their accuser.

Days to Come - The Living Room of the Rodman Home

Much of the action in "Days to Come" takes place in this affluent location.

Strike Headquarters

This location is the headquarters of the workers.

The Deck of Cards

This object is used to pass time by Mossie and Easter, but serves as the catalyst of significant action in the second act...

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