Daily Lessons for Teaching Six Plays

Florence Henrietta Darwin
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Lesson 1 (from The Children's Hour, Act 1)


The Children's Hour, Act 1

Plays are a type of literary work that are often produced on stage. Both the title of the book and its structure immediately establish that "The Children's Hour" is a play or dramatic literature. The process of analyzing plays can be different than that of analyzing other works of literature. The objective of this lesson is to learn about the genre of dramatic literature.


1) Class Discussion: What is a play? Is it literature? What elements help classify "The Children's Hour" as a play? What do most plays have in common?

2) Individual Writing: Have the students write a couple of paragraphs comparing plays with novels or short stories. What elements does "The Children's Hour" have in common with a novel? Which form of literature do you prefer? Do you think your opinion might change?

3) Group Discussion: Have the students discuss whether plays...

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