Six Plays Character Descriptions

Florence Henrietta Darwin
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The Children's Hour - Martha Dobie and Karen Wright

These characters are friends and teachers at a girls school they founded.

Mrs. Mortar

This character has a background in the theatre but now teaches at the school featured in "The Children's Hour." It is this character's comment overheard by others that sets up the main conflict in the play.

Mary Tilford

This character is a student at the school. This character's difficult personality and manipulative behavior serves as a catalyst for the events that occur.

Mrs. Tilford

This character is a relative of a student. This character means well, but makes poor decisions that make things worse.

Joe Cardin

This character is a doctor and related to two of the other characters in "The Children's Hour."

Evelyn, Peggy, Rosalie

These characters are students who are bullied and manipulated by another student. Although they mean no harm, their actions...

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