The Sisters Rosensweig Character Descriptions

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Geoffrey Duncan

This character bursts into song because of a passion for musical theater and a flair for the dramatic, even going so far as to rechristen a love interest with a new, more fanciful name.

Sara Goode

This character is brilliant, with a strong ability in the financial realm, however a sarcastic and cruel streak leaves this character bitter and without attachments.

Tess Goode

This character is in the throes of adolescent rebellion and spends much of the book navigating the relationships within the family, learning where and how this teenager will fit and find a place in the world.

Mervyn Kant

This character is extremely patient and courteous with a strong connectedness to Jewish roots, traditions, and history.

Nicholas Pym

This character is elitist, and most like an anti-Semite as well; this character mocks other cultures with a quick-witted jabs.

Pfeni Rosensweig

An eccentric world traveler...

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