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Act 1, Scene 1

• In London, seventeen-year-old Tess is listening to a recording of her mother singing when she was young. This is for a school project.

• Her eccentric Aunt Pfeni arrives with her belongings in shopping bags.

• Her aunt offers her Shiva, an Indian statue of rebirth and destruction.

• Tess says her mother needs it more.
• Tess's mother Sara enters and is critical of Pfeni's writing career.

• Tonight is Sara's birthday.

• Tess wants to invite her boyfriend.

• Tess and her boyfriend are into revolutionary politics.
• Tess leaves to go meet her boyfriend.

• Sara and her sister Pfeni argue about the past.

• Pfeni recalls their days in New York fondly.

• Sara is critical of her daughter, and of the idea that anything having to do with her past could be relevant (Tess's school project).
• Pfeni and her sister Sara play a childhood clapping game.

• Pfeni's boyfriend Geoffry arrives and joins...

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