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Short Answer Questions

1. What group does Drouet join just after Carrie's affair with Hurstwood begins?

2. Why does Hurstwood not care about Carrie's relationship with Drouet as he begins to pursue her?

3. How do Carrie and Hurstwood decide to communicate in order to keep their affair secret from Drouet?

4. Why does Hurstwood stay in his loveless marriage?

5. Carrie tells Drouet that Hurstwood visited her how many times when they began their affair while Drouet was away on his business trip?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why is Carrie so afraid to go back to her sister's house after Drouet buys her some winter things?

2. What does Hurstwood receive in the mail that lets him know his life is about to change dramatically?

3. What does Hurstwood take from the resort after receiving the letter from Carrie telling him their relationship is over?

4. Why does Hurstwood decide to try to work out the drama with his wife the day after he storms out of his house?

5. What does Drouet offer Carrie when he sees her on the street a few weeks after first meeting her on the train?

6. How does Hurstwood react when Drouet tells him about the play being put on by his group?

7. Why does Hurstwood decide to rent a carriage instead of continuing his walk with Carrie?

8. What does Carrie tell Hurstwood he must do if he wants her to leave Drouet and be with him?

9. What secrets have Carrie and Hurstwood been keeping from each other during their affair?

10. What keeps Hurstwood from openly having an affair?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

What are some of the key examples of gratitude in this book, and how do these instances affect that characters involved in those scenes?

Essay Topic 2

Describe the different phases of the relationship between Carrie and Hurstwood and how they affected the course of the plot for the other characters around them.

Essay Topic 3

Carrie and Mrs. Vance are very similar in nature although very different in many other areas. What are some of these intrinsic differences and similarities, and what message(s) was Dreiser was trying to send with these two characters?

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