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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Hurstwood do after angry strikers at the trolley station attack him?
(a) Presses charges.
(b) Fights back.
(c) Cries.
(d) Quits.

2. What does Carrie do one night during her show that gets a good laugh from the audience?
(a) Tells a joke.
(b) Sings.
(c) Falls over.
(d) Ad libs.

3. What is Hurstwood thinking about during his long train ride?
(a) How to make Carrie trust him again.
(b) Imagining what his new life with Carrie will entail.
(c) How to hide his new position from his wife.
(d) What people will think when they notice he is gone.

4. What does Hurstwood do to keep from having to ask Carrie for so much of her hard earned money?
(a) Cuts back on his spending.
(b) Opens lines of credit.
(c) Finds a side job.
(d) Borrows money from a friend.

5. How does Hurstwood hear about Carrie's theatrical success?
(a) Word of mouth.
(b) Carrie's friends tell him about it.
(c) The newspaper.
(d) Carrie writes to him about it.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Carrie feel about the couple that moves in to the flat across the hall from her and Hurstwood?

2. Who surprises Carrie by visiting her at the theater after the height of her success?

3. Where does Hurstwood find free bread after being released from the hospital?

4. What does Hurstwood sell when Carrie moves out of his flat?

5. Why does Hurstwood stop coming home from dinner after a few months of married life?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Hurstwood do after his first two days working as a trolley driver?

2. What causes Carrie to change her mind about turning down the invitation to a party being held by Mrs. Vance?

3. What awakens Carrie's desires to have the luxuries of life just after she is married to Hurstwood?

4. Why is Hurstwood unable to find employment after his saloon in New York closes?

5. What does Carrie realize as she talks with some of her friends from her first job in New York?

6. What shocking news does Hurstwood tell Carrie as they are fighting about his lack of a job?

7. How does Carrie feel about Mr. Ames when she first meets him?

8. How does Hurstwood respond to the news of Carrie's theatrical success?

9. What happens to Hurstwood's daughter at the end of the book?

10. What is so strange about the marriage between Carrie and Hurstwood?

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