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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Carrie do one night during her show that gets a good laugh from the audience?
(a) Tells a joke.
(b) Ad libs.
(c) Falls over.
(d) Sings.

2. What is Carrie ashamed to tell Mrs. Vance when they run into each other on the street one day after Hurstwood loses his job?
(a) That her income has dropped.
(b) Her new address.
(c) That she is so unhappy.
(d) That her husband lost his job.

3. How does Hurstwood hear about Carrie's theatrical success?
(a) Carrie's friends tell him about it.
(b) The newspaper.
(c) Carrie writes to him about it.
(d) Word of mouth.

4. What causes Hurstwood to become suicidal at times?
(a) Seeing his reflection.
(b) Reading about Carrie's success.
(c) Seeing people he knew in Chicago.
(d) Not getting the money he needs.

5. Why are there some extra job openings in New York when someone comes to Hurstwood's flat demanding a bill be paid?
(a) A new factory has opened up.
(b) There is a war.
(c) There is a union strike going on.
(d) Many people are moving out west for the land.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Carrie go to live when she decides to leave Hurstwood?

2. How does Hurstwood feel about Carrie's attempts to find work when he is unable to find a job himself?

3. How does Hurstwood get by after being released from the hospital?

4. How does Hurstwood feel about the angry strikers at the trolley station?

5. What does Carrie learn about during her dinner with the surprise visitor during the height of her success?

Short Essay Questions

1. What shocking news does Hurstwood tell Carrie as they are fighting about his lack of a job?

2. How does Hurstwood respond to the news of Carrie's theatrical success?

3. Why is so surprising about the marriage proposals Carrie receives in the mail after she finds success on stage?

4. What does Hurstwood find awaiting him when he tries to get a job as a trolley driver?

5. Why is Carrie so surprised about being able to find a job so fast in New York?

6. What awakens Carrie's desires to have the luxuries of life just after she is married to Hurstwood?

7. Why is Hurstwood unable to find employment after his saloon in New York closes?

8. What makes Carrie feel less guilt about leaving Hurstwood the way she did?

9. What does Hurstwood do to help reduce costs when he stops looking for work?

10. Why does Carrie not get to spend any of Hurstwood's extra money on new clothing for herself?

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