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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is Carrie hesitant to leave Drouet and run away with Hurstwood?
(a) She has been so happy with her situation.
(b) She still has feelings for him.
(c) She likes being loved by two men.
(d) Hurstwood is older than Drouet.

2. What does Carrie find has happened in her apartment when she returns from looking for work?
(a) Drouet has retrieved the rest of his things.
(b) She is being evicted.
(c) Hurstwood is there waiting.
(d) She has been robbed.

3. What does Carrie do with Mrs. Hale that makes her very depressed?
(a) Sees Drouet at dinner with another woman.
(b) Goes to a very sad play.
(c) Speaks about all the things they wish they had.
(d) Goes on a carriage ride through a luxurious area of town.

4. Why does Hurstwood not care about Carrie's relationship with Drouet as he begins to pursue her?
(a) He loves Carrie too much to care.
(b) He sees Drouet with other women.
(c) He is more successful than Drouet.
(d) He does not like Drouet.

5. Why does Hurstwood stay in his loveless marriage?
(a) A divorce would be expensive.
(b) He would feel too guilty to leave.
(c) He loves his children.
(d) He feels the image is important.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is Carrie afraid to leave the situation with Drouet even though she knows that it compromises her moral virtue?

2. What allows Carrie to do so well after the third act of the play?

3. What does Hurstwood do to help calm Carrie's nerves on stage?

4. How much rent is Carrie expected to pay for staying with her sister?

5. Where do Carrie and Hurstwood usually have their secret meetings?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Hurstwood decide to rent a carriage instead of continuing his walk with Carrie?

2. What does Hurstwood continually ask Carrie about when they meet together on the morning after her success in the play?

3. What secrets have Carrie and Hurstwood been keeping from each other during their affair?

4. What excuse does Drouet give when Hurstwood finds him at lunch with a woman other than Carrie?

5. How does Hurstwood react when Drouet tells him about the play being put on by his group?

6. Why does Hurstwood decide to try to work out the drama with his wife the day after he storms out of his house?

7. Why does Sven retire to bed so early every night?

8. What unexpected news does Drouet hear from a maid the morning after Carrie's success in the Masons' play?

9. What does Carrie tell Hurstwood he must do if he wants her to leave Drouet and be with him?

10. What causes Carrie to suspect Hurstwood's motives in getting her on the train to New York?

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