Objects & Places from Sister Carrie

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Shoe Factory

Carrie's first job upon arriving in Chicago is working here, which is work that Carrie finds deeply unsatisfactory and will remember throughout the novel.


It is Carrie's deep desire for this at the beginning of the novel that leads her to agree to moving out of her sister's place and putting herself in the debt of Drouet.

Under the Gas Light

This is the name of the play Carrie stars in as Laura while living with Drouet in Chicago.


These were exchanged a lot by Carrie and Hurstwood during their affair.

Hannah and Hogg

This is the name of a place, where Hurstwood is a manager in the first half of the novel.

Casino Theater

This is where Carrie gets her first part in a chorus line in her attempts to become a New York actress.

Waldorf-Astoria Hotel

The end of the novel finds...

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