Sister Carrie Character Descriptions

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Bob Ames

This character has a high forehead and a rather large nose, but is still handsome with a boyish nature and nice smile.

Charles Drouet

This character travels around the country as a salesman, or drummer, for a dry goods firm and perceives himself as quite a lady's man.

Mrs. Hale

This character is an attractive, thirty-five-year-old who enjoys gossiping and taking buggy rides to view unaffordable mansions.

Minnie Hanson

This character dresses plainly and shows the wear and tear of a person who has to work hard. Her face is lean and unsmiling. She views her lot in life as duty to her family and sees no room for pleasure.

Sven Hanson

This character works hard cleaning refrigerator cars at the stockyards and intends to provide a better life for his family in the future.

George Hurstwood Jr.

This character is 27 years old, works for a...

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