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Eric Jerome Dickey
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What dance moves can Valerie remember?
(a) African rhythms.
(b) Old Soul Train moves.
(c) Seventies disco dancing.
(d) Cheerleader routines.

2. What does Inda do with every dance move?
(a) Clap her hands.
(b) Smile.
(c) Click her fingers.
(d) Make a grunting sound.

3. What gives Inda a wild appearance?
(a) Her frowning expression.
(b) Too much makeup.
(c) Her ill fitting clothes.
(d) Her hair.

4. What made Daniel's wife jealous?
(a) Daniel talking to other women.
(b) Seeing a more attractive woman at a party.
(c) Seeing how rich her neighbors were.
(d) Her friend's girlfriends.

5. What did Valerie swear she would never let go?
(a) Her favorite teddy bear.
(b) Her chest full of old clothes.
(c) Her pet dog.
(d) Her long hair.

6. What proves that Chiquita's lover man is not broke?
(a) His fancy clothes.
(b) His expensive video equipment.
(c) The expensive gifts he buys her.
(d) The flashy car he drives.

7. What were half the brothers wearing on Inda's night out?
(a) A ring.
(b) Black leather shoes.
(c) Suit jackets.
(d) Ties.

8. What is Inda's talent?
(a) Getting phone numbers.
(b) Keeping plants alive.
(c) Cooking vegetarian dishes.
(d) Keeping healthy relationships.

9. What does Inda think turns men off in a snap?
(a) Telling them you have kids.
(b) Having too much makeup on.
(c) Talking about old relationships.
(d) Smelling sweaty.

10. What is the relationship status of Valerie's parents?
(a) Divorced.
(b) Married but separated.
(c) De facto.
(d) Happily married.

11. How thick is Walter's moustache?
(a) He does not have one.
(b) Thick as a hedge.
(c) Handlebar.
(d) Pencil-thin.

12. Why does Valerie choose red negligee?
(a) Red is a naughty color.
(b) Red was on sale.
(c) It complements her skin.
(d) If is Walter's favorite colour.

13. Where does Chiquita's lover man suggest she live?
(a) With her parents.
(b) At a fancy hotel in LA he can get a good deal at.
(c) On her own near LAX.
(d) In his apartment.

14. How does Inda suggest Valerie ward off unfavorable suitors?
(a) Tell them she is pregnant.
(b) Show them her empty wallet.
(c) Tell them she is only into other women.
(d) Flash her ring.

15. Which emotion did Walter equate to Valerie's chest?
(a) Excited.
(b) Bored.
(c) Happy.
(d) Sad.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Inda get three solid numbers?

2. What kept Valerie's body firm at UCLA?

3. Which part of Valerie's body feels too light?

4. Who does Inda think she should of married?

5. What does Inda think is better than counseling?

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