Sister, Sister Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Eric Jerome Dickey
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Section 1: Chapters 1-4

• Valerie prepares for Walter by dressing up in lingerie.

• Walter arrives home and just goes to bed.

• Valerie tries to wake Walter up but is pushed away.

• The morning after he again ignores her, and Valerie drives away
• Chiquita has locked herself in her bathroom.

• She is arguing with a man who she claims hit her.

• He was angry that she answered his phone.

• She hears another woman's voice on the phone.

Section 2: Chapter 5-8

• Valerie drives to Inda's place and wakes her up.

• Valerie reflects on her life choices as they hang out at the beach.

• Valerie considers hooking up with someone else.
• Inda tells Valerie to leave Walter.

• Walter is not home when Valerie arrives home.

• Valerie and Inda go to a night club where they meet Daniel.

• Valerie calls Daniel and arranges to meet with him.

Section 3: Chapter 9-12

• Valerie meets Daniel...

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