Objects & Places from Sister of My Heart

Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni
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Childbirth Amulet

Nalini gives this special item much credit.

Drying Mangoes

Sudha promises to help Pishi do this activity in exchange for knowing the truth about her real father.

Music Case Stitched in Red Silk

This item contains a flute often played by Sudha's father.

Ruby Cave

This place is located in the Sundarban jungles.

Hogg's Market

This is the place from which Bijoy bought mangoes for Sudha's mother during her pregnancy.

Country Mansion

This place and its surrounding lands were pawned by Bijoy in order to finance the trip to search for rubies.

Ferris Wheel

Sudha compares Pishi's past to this item.


This is the town where Ramesh and his mother live.

Great Black Shiva Lingam

It is behind this item that Sudha and Ashok make their plans to elope.

Chatterjee and Sons Fine Books

It is from this business that most of the income for...

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