Sister of My Heart Fun Activities

Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni
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Research an Indian tradition or myth and find its origins. Create a poster or display to demonstrate the origins of this tradition or myth and what role it plays in Indian society today. Consider answering the following questions in your project: Is the tradition important to Indian people today? Is the tradition mostly positive or negative? In what ways might the tradition be similar to a tradition in your culture?


On paper, create a replica of Sudha's wedding handkerchief that Sunil has kept hidden for many years.


Research Calcutta, the setting for much of Sister of My Heart. Create a profile for the city that includes a map, list of facts about the city, and one location you think Sudha or Anju would enjoy going.


Write one statement that tells a lesson you think can be learned from Sister of My Heart. Share this...

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