Sister of My Heart Character Descriptions

Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni
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This character is in an arranged marriage that she gets a divorce from because her husband's mother suggested she get an abortion.


This character lives in America, and her husband works for a computer company.

Ashok Ghosh

This character is the person whom another falls in love with after meeting in the movie theater.

Sunil Majumdar

This character was raised by a traditional Indian family, but he breaks with tradition and meets his wife before the ritual bride viewing.

Ramesh Sanyal

This character has a mother who is controlling and possessive.


This character took over the position of leader of the Chatterjee family.


This character eloped with a man who proposed after seeing her wash clothes in the creek.

Singhji/Gopal Sudha's father

This character served as a family chauffeur whose face was badly burned during a fight.


This character is a widow...

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