Sister of My Heart Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni
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Book 1, Chapters 1 -2

• Sudha and Anju have three mothers, Pishi, Gouri, and Nalini. All of the women are widows.
• Pishi loves to tell the girls story about Indian traditions.
• Sudha and Anju are very close cousins, to the point that they have no relationships with other friends.

Book 1, Chapter 3

• Pishi tells Sudha the true story of her father, one that proves she is not technically related to Anju.
• Sudha suddenly feels guilty and ashamed of her father.

Book 1, Chapters 4 - 6

• Sudha and Anju turn thirteen and are given money as a present.
• The girls are sixteen. and they sneak into a movie that they are not allowed to see. They skip school to do it.

• Sudha meets a man that she is instantly attracted to, Ashok.

• Anju is blamed for the sneaking into the theater, and it is determined that Sudha should be married as soon as she...

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