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Mika Waltari
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Sinuhe get his revenge with Nefernefernefer?
(a) He kills her.
(b) He takes her to the House of Death and gives her to the emblamers.
(c) He tries to drown her in the river.
(d) He publically denounces her.

2. What does Horemheb think is the cornerstone of the holy war?
(a) Crete.
(b) Memphis.
(c) Gaza.
(d) Egypt.

3. While Sinuhe is in Akhetaton, where is Horemheb?
(a) Crete.
(b) Syria.
(c) Thebes.
(d) Memphis.

4. Who does Sinuhe meet at Kaptah's favorite tavern when he returns to Egypt?
(a) Nefernefernefer.
(b) Minea.
(c) The pharaoh.
(d) Merit.

5. What do the Hittites bring as a gift to the young Tut that goes with him to his tomb?
(a) A necklace made of shells.
(b) A crowns of gold and jewels.
(c) A knife of blue metal.
(d) A blue hippopatumus.

6. What have the Hittites done with the jars sold to them by the merchants of Egypt?
(a) They are preserving fish in salt and water.
(b) They have brought water into the desert so they can survive there for quite a while.
(c) They hang them in the sun in honor of Aton.
(d) The use them as weapons, cutting people with them.

7. Who does Princess Ankhsenaton break the jar with who will be the next king?
(a) Sinuhe.
(b) Tut.
(c) Thothmes.
(d) Horemheb.

8. What is wrong with King Aziru's baby?
(a) It is cutting its first tooth.
(b) It is dying.
(c) It has turned eye.
(d) It has a stomach ache.

9. When Sinuhe walks to the pharaoh's temple upon his return to Egypt, what does he find?
(a) Many to temples to Ammon.
(b) Former slaves dresses beautifully walking to near the palace.
(c) The streets so full of life with lots of people about.
(d) A new temple to Aton.

10. What does Kaptah use to find his way back to the opening of the cave?
(a) He draws on the wall of the cave.
(b) A spool of thread.
(c) A string.
(d) He drops rocks.

11. What does Thothmes ask his students to do as they learn?
(a) To abstract the old art.
(b) To follow the patterns of the ancients.
(c) To draw from life and not from patterns.
(d) To copy the Egyptian art of old.

12. When the Crocodile's Tail is attacked, what happens to Merit and Thoth?
(a) They are killed.
(b) They are chased through the streets and finally killed.
(c) They escape and leave the country.
(d) They escape to Sinuhe's house, where they are killed.

13. When Horemheb faces the Hittites the first time in the holy war, what will happen if the Hittites defeat Horemheb's troops?
(a) They will be able to attack Babylon.
(b) They will be able to attack Egypt.
(c) They will win the war entirely.
(d) They will be able to get to the sea.

14. What do the warriors do to get control of the crowds in Thebes, but not to shed blood?
(a) They hit them in the head with stones.
(b) They run over them with chariots.
(c) They strangle people.
(d) They shoot them in the head with arrows.

15. How does MInea dance in the competition once she reaches Crete?
(a) She dances dangerously.
(b) She dances better than anyone else.
(c) She dances happily.
(d) She appears out of practice.

Short Answer Questions

1. Upon their return to Egypt, where does Kaptah want to take Sinuhe to have a drink?

2. What happens to the land of Mitanni in the end?

3. What does Pharaoh Akenaton want to do with the open walks and gardens and the sacred lakes?

4. What does Sinuhe try to convince Aziru of when he sees him as a prisoner?

5. What is the one thing that Sinuhe cannot give away in his negotiations with King Aziru?

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