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Mika Waltari
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Kaptah use to find his way back to the opening of the cave?
(a) A spool of thread.
(b) A string.
(c) He drops rocks.
(d) He draws on the wall of the cave.

2. What does Sinuhe insist of King Aziru after he is greeted in the desert?
(a) That he is allowed to change out of the robes.
(b) That he is given a chariot to ride.
(c) That he return the gifts.
(d) That the man who jabbed his behind is flogged.

3. How does Sinuhe describe his life in Akhetaton?
(a) Like a bird floating on the air.
(b) Like a lovely, fading song.
(c) Like the sun rising every morning.
(d) Like the desert, lost in time.

4. How many years does Sinuhe spend in Akhetaton?
(a) Six.
(b) Five.
(c) Ten.
(d) One.

5. When told of neighboring countries preparing for war against Egypt, what does the Pharaoh Akenaton say he has given to the other kings that will make them happy?
(a) The land of Ammon.
(b) The cross of life.
(c) Gold.
(d) Titles.

6. Who does Sinuhe meet at Kaptah's favorite tavern when he returns to Egypt?
(a) Minea.
(b) Nefernefernefer.
(c) Merit.
(d) The pharaoh.

7. When Sinuhe request that bread be baked for the poor, what phrase does he want said to them as the bread is passed out?
(a) This is bread for the poor, take it.
(b) This bread will multiply.
(c) This is the bread of Aton; take ye and eat of it in his name.
(d) My bread is your bread.

8. Who is the sculptor in Akhetaton who builds all the statues and artwork for the city?
(a) Merit.
(b) Ptahor.
(c) Muti.
(d) Thothmes.

9. What do the people call the Queen Mother Taia?
(a) The black witch.
(b) The silver swan.
(c) The mistress of Eie.
(d) The pharaoh.

10. When Sinuhe arrives at Gaza, how does he enter?
(a) A chariot is brought out to meet him and escorts him in.
(b) The gates are opened for his arrival.
(c) A reed basket is lowered over the wall for him to climb into.
(d) Slaves are sent with gifts.

11. What does Pepitamon do to find favor with Pharaoh Ahknaton?
(a) Writes poetry to Aton.
(b) Changes his name to Pepitaton.
(c) Names his cats after the pharaoh.
(d) Brings a sacrifice to Aton.

12. When Horemheb returns to Egypt, who does he put in charge of the troops?
(a) Kaptah.
(b) Sinuhe.
(c) The pharaoh.
(d) Pepitamon.

13. Why, at first, is is said that the people in the Lower Kingdom are requesting jars?
(a) They use them as drinking vessels.
(b) They have discovered a way of preserving fish in salt and water.
(c) They are hanging them in the sunlight as a new decoration to honor Aton.
(d) They are canning grain.

14. What does Aziru's son do when his father is attacked by assassins?
(a) He hits them with rocks.
(b) He stabs them with his little sword.
(c) He gets help.
(d) He jumps on them and strangles them.

15. Why does Pepitamon grow weary of the warrior's life?
(a) He wants to be a merchant.
(b) He misses his cats.
(c) He wants to go to work for Sinuhe.
(d) He misses the open ocean.

Short Answer Questions

1. How quickly does Akhetaton, the city, come into being?

2. What is wrong with King Aziru's baby?

3. While Sinuhe is in Akhetaton, where is Horemheb?

4. What does Sinuhe do on a return to Thebes to show that he is equal to the rowers?

5. What has Kaptah always wanted to do with his life?

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