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Mika Waltari
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 15, Horemheb.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How quickly does Akhetaton, the city, come into being?
(a) In two years.
(b) In a month.
(c) In a year.
(d) In 18 months.

2. How does Sinuhe get his revenge with Nefernefernefer?
(a) He tries to drown her in the river.
(b) He publically denounces her.
(c) He takes her to the House of Death and gives her to the emblamers.
(d) He kills her.

3. After the battle with Khabiri, how does Horemheb reward his men?
(a) With cash.
(b) With the cross of life.
(c) With poems written by the pharaoh.
(d) With chains and bracelets and promotions.

4. What does Thothmes' father want Thothmes to do as an adult?
(a) Become a charioteer.
(b) Become a merchant.
(c) Become a warrior.
(d) Become a sea captain.

5. How has Aziru's seven-year-old son shown that he will be a great warrior?
(a) He has already slit the belly of a slave who insulted him and has gone into battle with his father,
(b) He killed a man who attacked him.
(c) He practices his weapon skills daily.
(d) He can sword fight with grown men.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Sinuhe is dumped in the desert, and Aziru's chariots approach him, what do they do to Sinuhe?

2. What does Sinuhe find odd about the city of Crete?

3. When Minea wakes on the boat after her escape from Babylon, why is she angry at Sinuhe?

4. Where does the Pharaoh Akenaton go after the parade?

5. In the land of the Hittites, how are the people ruled?

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