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Short Answer Questions

1. What did the narrator's attacker threaten her with, in "The Correct Grip"?

2. In "Equivalent," what was the former owner of the house supposed to fix?

3. How old is the man the narrator of "Cloudland" checks up on on Thursday afternoons?

4. In "The Second Seating," who are the narrator and her friends remembering by having dinner together?

5. In "The Second Seating," what do the narrator and her friend order when they start over with their meal?

Short Essay Questions

1. In "The Correct Grip," who calls the narrator after an attack and what is their conversation like?

2. What was the narrator's job in New York, and why does she say that she left her job in this section of "Cloudland"?

3. In "Cloudland," what is the narrator's job, and what are some of her job duties?

4. In "The Correct Grip," what happened to a friend of the narrator?

5. How did the narrator of "Cloudland" compare her experiences when she had her baby with the experiences of women a hundred years ago?

6. Why is the narrator able to work two to three days a week in "Cloudland"?

7. Why is the narrator's neighbor arrested in "Cloudland"?

8. Where was the most beautiful yard the narrator ever had, and what does she say it was like in this part of "Cloudland"?

9. What does the narrator in "Water Damage" learn about the home where she had her baby?

10. In "The Second Seating," what do the narrator and friends have to eat and drink?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The house in “Cloudland” is decaying and needs a lot of repairs. In what way is the house an analogy for the narrator’s state of mind?

Essay Topic 2

In “Cloudland” a neighbor is arrested for sexual abuse. How does this news affect the narrator? How does the news challenge the image of the neighborhood where the narrator lives?

Essay Topic 3

In “I Stay with Syd,” two characters are having an affair. How would you describe the relationship between Syd and the married man? What does their relationship seem to be built upon, and how will that foundation affect their relationship?

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