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Short Answer Questions

1. In "Cloudland," what is the narrator going to pick tomorrow?

2. What crime does the narrator remember a man she dated was incarcerated for in "Cloudland"?

3. In "Cloudland," how many weeks was the course the narrator took to become certified for her job?

4. What chore does the buyer think will keep the seller from coming back, in "Equivalent"?

5. In "Cloudland," how far is the prison from the narrator's house?

Short Essay Questions

1. In "The Second Seating," what do the narrator and friends have to eat and drink?

2. In "The Correct Grip," what happened to a friend of the narrator?

3. In "Cloudland," when there is to be a freeze, what advice does a nursery clerk give the narrator?

4. What does the white cross commemorate that is on the grassy median where the narrator turns to get to her house in "Cloudland"?

5. In "Cloudland," what does the narrator say about her work schedule and training for the job?

6. What does the narrator in "Water Damage" learn about the home where she had her baby?

7. In "Moonbow," what does the narrator see and why is it unusual?

8. What was the narrator's job in New York, and why does she say that she left her job in this section of "Cloudland"?

9. Where was the most beautiful yard the narrator ever had, and what does she say it was like in this part of "Cloudland"?

10. In "Cloudland," what is the narrator's job, and what are some of her job duties?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Foreshadowing in literature hints at what will happen in a story. What instances of foreshadowing are there in “Cloudland”? What does foreshadowing reveal? How does the author use foreshadowing and how does it affect plot?

Essay Topic 2

Emotional distance can interfere with a relationship. In what way are relationships in “The Chicane” superficial? How are the characters emotionally distant from one another? How does emotional distance interfere with the relationship characters have with one another?

Essay Topic 3

The protagonist in a story is the hero, and the antagonist is the person who usually causes the most conflicts for the protagonist. In “A Full Service Shelter,” is there more than one protagonist or antagonist? What conflicts does the protagonist have to deal with that is caused by the antagonist? How do those conflicts affect the plot?

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