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1. In "Sing to It," what does the man want and what does he get?

The man wants no metaphors, but yet he asks the narrator to create one. He asks her to make her hands a hammock for him. So she does and her arms are the trees.

2. How does a man use a dead lamb to save an orphan lamb?

The man carves the pelt off a dead winter lamb. Then he ties the skin with twine over the body of an orphan lamb. He hopes that this will help the grieving ewe know the scent and allow the orphan lamb to nurse.

3. In what way is the story of the lamb a story of seduction?

The story of the lamb is told as a story of seduction. The man tells the narrator the story of where brutality saves a life. He wants the narrator to feel when they make love that this is how she would go on and how she would be known.

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