Sing To It Character Descriptions

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Lovers in "Sing to It"

These are people who are trying to have an intimate, personal relationship. They use metaphors in their communications.

Man in "The Orphan Lamb"

This character cuts the pelt off a dead lamb and places it on an orphaned lamb. He hopes this will cause the ewe who lost her lamb to adopt the orphan.

Volunteer at Animal Shelter

This character works with dogs two nights a week taking care of them and giving them dignity.


This character is having an unsatisfying affair with a married man. She owns a beach house.

Narrator of "The Chicane"

This character tells the story of her aunt who commits suicide. They had many things in common, but they never really connected emotionally.


This character gets involved with an actor and gets pregnant. She tries to commit suicide after having a miscarriage. She later marries and has...

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