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Sing to It to The Doll Tornado

• The following version of this book was used to create this Lesson Plan: Hempel, Amy. Sing to It. Scribner, 2019. Hardcover.

• In “Sing to It,” the narrator describes an interaction with her lover.

• He asks her to avoid metaphors, but then he asks her to make a hammock for him out of her hands.

• Then he says, “Not even the rain has such small hands” (3) using another metaphor.

• The narrator would like to comfort him, but instead she repeats an Arab proverb that says, “When danger approaches, sing to it.”

• She told him she would not have any metaphors, but then he asked her to please do as he asked.

• So she made her hands a hammock, with her arms the trees.

• In the “Orphan Lamb,” a man removes the pelt from a dead lamb, gently carving it away from the body...

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