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Short Answer Questions

1. Where is Félicité's bedroom?

2. What does the clock in the living room look like?

3. What food item lasted Félicité 20 days?

4. What does the narrator consider "a remainder of better days"?

5. What items did Félicité buy for her sister's family?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is your impression of Mme. Simon?

2. Why do you think Félicité is hurt by people's jokes about Loulou?

3. To what extent would you say that this story is about Félicité? What do you think Flaubert wanted to say by writing a short story about a person like Félicité?

4. Why do you think Félicité never talks about how worried she feels for Victor?

5. Describe and provide an analysis of Mme. Aubain's reaction when Félicité tells her that she hasn't heard from Victor in six months.

6. Describe the scene with the bull and explain why you think it is important.

7. What do we learn about Félicité's eating habits and what do they tell us about her character?

8. Félicité's service for Mme. Aubain is described with some detail. What kind of an impression does Félicité's service give of Mme. Aubain?

9. How is it significant that the parrot is being eaten by maggots, but Félicité neither knows nor cares?

10. How does Félicité understand the Holy Spirit?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Love is an important theme in "A Simple Heart." How could you argue that love is actually the central subject of this story?

Essay Topic 2

Félicité's relationship with Theodore seems relatively minor in the context of the overall narrative. Why do you think Flaubert chose to include it? How does knowing that about Félicité alter our perception of her throughout the rest of the story? You should discuss at least three ways in which our perception of Félicité is affected by her failed relationship with Theodore.

Essay Topic 3

When Félicité is on her way to ship Loulou to the taxidermist, she is struck in the face with a whip. How does her reaction to this event mirror her behavior in other parts of the story? You should discuss at least three specific examples from the text.

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