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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Mme. Aubain do that offends Félicité?
(a) Fails to notice her increasing depression.
(b) Disregards her concern for her nephew.
(c) Gives her an old dress.
(d) Refuses to share the contents of her daughter's letter.

2. What is Félicité's gift for the Corpus Christi procession?
(a) Her rosary.
(b) A gold chain she recieved from Virginie.
(c) Loulou.
(d) Her inheritance from Mme. Aubain.

3. Why doesn't Félicité have any repairs done to the house?
(a) She is afraid she'll be evicted.
(b) She doesn't know who to ask.
(c) She doesn't notice.
(d) She is too poor.

4. What is the parrot's first illness?
(a) An ulcer on its tongue.
(b) A stomach flu.
(c) Dizziness.
(d) A cough.

5. What is one of the results of Félicité's increasing deafness?
(a) She begins to lose her balance.
(b) She can no longer talk to Loulou.
(c) She can no longer work.
(d) She meets the priest for confession in private.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Félicité do after she receives her letter?

2. What about Félicité causes Bourais to feel a mixture of amusement and contempt for her?

3. What does Félicité do after Virginie goes to school?

4. What task does Félicité perform for Paul?

5. Who comes by to chop wood and draw water for Félicité?

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