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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Mme. Aubain dream of after Virignie's death?
(a) Her husband.
(b) Herself.
(c) Her parents.
(d) Paul.

2. Why does Félicité run ten miles in her clogs?
(a) To say goodbye to Paul.
(b) To tend to her sister during childbirth.
(c) To see Virginie at school.
(d) To see Theodore.

3. Whose debts does Mme. Aubain pay off?
(a) Virginie's.
(b) Paul's.
(c) Victor's.
(d) M. Bourais'.

4. Why does Félicité feel it is wrong for Mme. Aubain to die before her?
(a) She believes Mme. Aubain has a responsibility to take care of her.
(b) She believes the doctor is guilty of malpractice.
(c) She feels it is unfair of God to take the last person she loves away from her.
(d) She believes servants should die before their masters.

5. Why does Félicité think that her illness makes sense?
(a) Because it is the same illness that Loulou died of.
(b) Because she is ready to die.
(c) Because she had a dream about it.
(d) Because it is the same illness that Mme. Aubain died of.

6. What does Félicité consider doing shortly after she gets Loulou back?
(a) Get married.
(b) Join a sisterhood.
(c) Move back to her hometown.
(d) Retire from Mme. Aubain's service.

7. What does Félicité do after she receives her letter?
(a) Cleans her room.
(b) The laundry.
(c) Responds to the letter.
(d) Walks to the market.

8. What causes Félicité to catch tonsillitis?
(a) Her long search for Loulou.
(b) She contracts it while nursing a sick soldier.
(c) She is accidentally locked out of the house in a storm.
(d) She contracts it from Mme. Aubain.

9. What event rouses Félicité's interest when she can no longer speak to people?
(a) The procession of Corpus Christi.
(b) Weekly mass.
(c) Confession.
(d) Easter.

10. How does Félicité meet her Polish suitor?
(a) Nursing cholera victims and looking after refugees.
(b) When he comes to beg Mme. Aubain for alms.
(c) He is a friend of Paul's.
(d) Her sister introduces them.

11. Who tells Félicité that the house is for sale?
(a) Paul.
(b) Paul's wife.
(c) Fabu.
(d) The apothecary.

12. What does Félicité say to Fabu?
(a) She thanks him for his kindness to Loulou.
(b) She apologizes for suspecting him of murdering Loulou.
(c) She encourages him to go to confession more frequently.
(d) She tells him that she leaves him Loulou.

13. Who comes by to chop wood and draw water for Félicité?
(a) M. Bourais.
(b) The priest.
(c) Mme. Simon.
(d) Paul.

14. What news does Félicité receive in a letter that Mme. Aubain reads to her?
(a) Her sister is moving.
(b) She is offered another job.
(c) Her nephew is dead.
(d) Theodore wants to marry her.

15. What is Félicité's gift for the Corpus Christi procession?
(a) A gold chain she recieved from Virginie.
(b) Her rosary.
(c) Loulou.
(d) Her inheritance from Mme. Aubain.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who moves to Pont-l'Eveque shortly Virginie dies?

2. Why does Félicité think that the Holy Spirit was more likely to have been a parrot than a dove?

3. What do Mme. Aubain and Félicité spread out on the bed when they are going through Virginie's things?

4. What is one of the results of Félicité's increasing deafness?

5. What event occurs while Mme. Aubain and Félicité are going through Virginie's room that engenders a deep sense of devotion in Félicité toward Mme. Aubain?

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