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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 4.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Mme. de Larsonniere give Mme. Aubain a gift?
(a) She is bribing Mme. Aubain.
(b) It is Mme. Aubain's birthday.
(c) She is moving away and can't keep it.
(d) She hopes Mme. Aubain will befriend her.

2. What illness does Virginie acquire?
(a) Small pox.
(b) Pneumonia.
(c) Consumption.
(d) Bronchitis.

3. When the family rests in the field, what does Paul do?
(a) He chases animals with his bow.
(b) He lays out the picnic.
(c) He is bored and itches to move on.
(d) He plays cards.

4. What task does Félicité perform for Paul?
(a) She mends his clothes.
(b) She packs him a basket of food to take home.
(c) She knits him socks.
(d) She writes at his dictation.

5. Why does Félicité think that her illness makes sense?
(a) Because it is the same illness that Loulou died of.
(b) Because it is the same illness that Mme. Aubain died of.
(c) Because she is ready to die.
(d) Because she had a dream about it.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who leaves town after Virginie dies?

2. What was Mme. Aubain's annual income?

3. What does Mme. Aubain do that offends Félicité?

4. What gift does Mme. Aubain receive from Mme. de Larsonniere?

5. Who does Félicité begin to see frequently after Virginie goes away to school?

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