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Raymond E. Feist
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How did Jimmy feel about his new garb?
(a) He disliked the tightness of his collar and boots.
(b) He disliked the color.
(c) He liked that it made him stand out as nobility.
(d) He liked his outfit and thought it fit well.

2. How did Lyam act?
(a) Like a King greeting courtiers.
(b) Like a man greeting old friends instead of like a King.
(c) Like a boy meeting his friends.
(d) Like he had the enthusiasm of a child.

3. What was the name of the goddess of sailors?
(a) Karlina.
(b) Kylian.
(c) Tireena.
(d) Kilian.

4. Why was Carline to be shamed by her love affair?
(a) She had disgraced the royal family.
(b) All of these.
(c) She had engaged in affairs unbecoming a princess.
(d) She had fallen in love with a commoner.

5. What title was Jimmy given?
(a) Squire.
(b) Knight.
(c) Page.
(d) Duke.

Short Answer Questions

1. What had killed Laughing Jack?

2. What did Jimmy do to stop this from continuing?

3. What did the chieftain seek?

4. What creature did Jimmy nearly kill?

5. What was Jimmy expected to do as Squire?

Short Essay Questions

1. Galain explained that he would leave a trail and Arutha was concerned that the Moredhel could follow the same trail. Why couldn't they?

2. Why do the magicians assume that the Dark Power is from Kelewan and traveled through the Rift?

3. Who do those at Sarth serve and what do they do?

4. Why hadn't Laurie revealed his decision to Carline sooner?

5. How had Arutha and Anita gotten to know each other?

6. Why was Jimmy in trouble, and why was the Upright Man willing to spare him?

7. Why was the heavy crossbow a poor choice of weapon?

8. Why did the witch tell the priest of the Pantathian serpent people to stop making signs? What stopped the serpent person from continuing?

9. What allowances did Arutha give to Roald and Gardan?

10. What was significant about the white paint on the Hadati's face?

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