Objects & Places from Silverthorn

Raymond E. Feist
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Sarth - Here is where there is an abbey maintained by a religious order.

Krondor - This is the capital city of the Western Lands.

House of Willows - A well-to-do brothel, this place is frequented by the wealthy and courtiers of the castle.

Elvandar - This is the city in the forest controlled by the elves.

Firedrakes - These are the smaller cousins to dragons.

Midkemia - This is the place in which most of the action takes place, and where Arutha, Liam and Martin live.

Kelewan - This is the place to which Pug returns.

Riftwar - This is a war that occurred in a previous book.

Rift - This is a magical gate that connects two worlds.

Black Slayers - These are the moredhel who have given up mortality in order to kill for their masters.

Mockers - The organization that forms the Guild...

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