Silverthorn Fun Activities

Raymond E. Feist
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A Picture's Worth a Thousand Words pt 1.

Create an image of Arutha using whatever medium you desire.

Use Protection!

Research and create your own equipment as you would expect to see on a warrior of Midkemia or Kelewan. Use designs described in the book.

One Plus One Equals Four?

As though you were a wedding planner to the Prince and Duke, plan Arutha and Laurie's weddings down to as many details as possible. Who would be a part of the head tables and why?

A Quest is Hopeless Without a Map!

Create a map of the Prince's travels from any point in the book. For example, it can start at the castle and go to the end, or from any point in the story. Be sure to include landmarks from the story!


Have yourself and a group of friends enact a scene from the book.

A Pictures Worth a Thousand Words Pt 2.

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