Silverthorn Character Descriptions

Raymond E. Feist
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This character is also called the "Lord of the West".

Jimmy the Hand

A self assured thief, this character becomes close to the Prince.

Laurie of Tyr-Sog

A troubadour and hero of the recent Riftwar, this character is also the lover of the Princess Carline.


This character has been the Huntmaster of Crydee, tutor and friend of Princes Lyam and Arutha.


This character is the leader of the Black Slayers.


This character proves to be a canny adversary as he hunts the Prince intending to kill him.


A magician taught in Midkemia and Kelewar, this character has also learned great magic.

Laughing Jack

The lieutenant to the Mockers, this character has also attempted to take Jimmy and Arutha's life.


This is a branch of the elven race that has chosen a dark path.


The elven queen.


This character is the...

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