Silverthorn Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Raymond E. Feist
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Prologue: Twilight; and Chapter 1: Reunion

• A Moredhel and a small montage of Pantathian snake people visit with a witch to receive a reading of signs

• The leader of the group, the most handsome Moredhel asks the witch if the time is right to do what had been ordained

• Upon learning that the time is indeed right, they also learn that they have an enemy that could prove to be a major obstacle

• The Moredhel leader orders the snake people to find and destroy the enemy and then tells the mute general to summon those loyal to a certain location

• The witch, knowing her time is up, casts a spell on the leader who also happens to have a dragon symbol on his chest, but the spell, normally enough to obliterate the average person, has no effect

• The leader casts his own in return, and it quickly burns the...

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