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Short Answer Questions

1. The queen then transforms into a _______ and wraps herself around the prince.

2. Who suggests they take a break before they fight the guards who are surely waiting downstairs to avenge their queen?

3. Later, Jill and her companions linger until the _____ is the only one left.

4. After the children fall, there is an unpleasant _______.

5. All the creatures were under whose spell?

Short Essay Questions

1. Explain what happens at the start of chapter thirteen.

2. Explain how chapter 15 is the end of the main plot, even though it isn't the final chapter.

3. Explain how the book's title applies to chapter 11.

4. What does the long journey to see the queen seem to indicate about the travelers' mission?

5. Explain how the theme of bullies is touched on, in chapter 14.

6. How did Rilian's indecision affect the outcome of chapter 14.

7. What big event in chapter nine was foreshadowed in previous chapters and how?

8. What is the symbolism behind the falling buildings?

9. Do you feel that Jill has changed by chapter fifteen and, if so, in what ways.

10. Explain how events in chapter 9 are connected tot he lady at the bridge and what that could mean.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Bullying is a key theme of the book.

Part 1:

Explain what makes the queen of the underworld a bully.

Part 2:

Explain what makes the giants at the house of Harfang bullies.

Part 3:

Explain how you would deal with a bully in your own life and whether or not your opinion on that was changed by reading the book. If so, in what ways? Use examples from the book to back up your answers.

Essay Topic 2

Make a detailed list of three situations where foreshadowing was used in the book. Also, explain the outcomes of each situation and how it might have been affected if the foreshadowing event hadn't taken place.

Essay Topic 3

Answer the following questions using one of these characters:




Part 1:

What character in the story do you feel changed most, as the story went on? Use at least three examples from the story to explain that character's growth, as the story progressed.

Part 2:

What character do you feel changed the least throughout the book and why do you feel that way? Be sure to use at least three examples from the story to back up your answer.

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