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Short Answer Questions

1. The servant returns and says they are wanted in the what?

2. The children are directed to go North towards _________.

3. Jill dresses while the owl gets Eustace and then she rides on his back to a what?

4. Who went on a strange adventure with their cousins?

5. What bit the queen?

Short Essay Questions

1. At first Jill thinks that Eustace might be on the side of the bullies. Eustace tells Jill that he is different since a strange adventure he went on with his cousins. Do you think, in real life, that bullies can be changed by having a certain experience?

2. How is Puddleglum's participation in the mission to rescue the prince ironic?

3. Explain Rilian's conflict, in chapter 14.

4. Why are Puddleglum and Eustace upset about eating venison, in chapter 9, and why is Jill not upset? Whose reaction do you agree with and why?

5. What are Jill's four tasks that are set out by Aslan?

6. What big event in chapter nine was foreshadowed in previous chapters and how?

7. Describe the giants' attitudes towards the children, in chapter 8, and what it could mean.

8. Explain how faith plays a role in chapter 11.

9. Do you feel that Jill has changed by chapter fifteen and, if so, in what ways.

10. How did Jill's attitude on the cliff backfire on her? What is that incident meant to show?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

Choose three objects or characters from the book that you feel are symbolic of a real life concept or thing. Then, using at least two examples from the book and at least two from real life per choice, explain your choices.

Essay Topic 2

Answer the following questions using one of these characters:




Part 1:

What character in the story do you feel changed most, as the story went on? Use at least three examples from the story to explain that character's growth, as the story progressed.

Part 2:

What character do you feel changed the least throughout the book and why do you feel that way? Be sure to use at least three examples from the story to back up your answer.

Essay Topic 3

Bullying is a key theme of the book.

Part 1:

Explain what makes the queen of the underworld a bully.

Part 2:

Explain what makes the giants at the house of Harfang bullies.

Part 3:

Explain how you would deal with a bully in your own life and whether or not your opinion on that was changed by reading the book. If so, in what ways? Use examples from the book to back up your answers.

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