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Short Answer Questions

1. Jill and Eustace must find the ruined city of ancient what?

2. The next morning after breakfast, the nurse brings all of the companions together in whose room?

3. When Jill asks if they might attend the feast, what do the giants do?

4. What is the name of the king who has just left?

5. Who do the owls think would stop the children, if the plan was discovered?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe how the mood of the novel changes, as chapter six goes on.

2. Jill refuses to explore very far in the trench, so Eustace jumps into the trench to find out for himself. How is that similar to or different from when the two were standing on the cliff at the start of the book?

3. Explain how and why the lights of the House of Harfang distract the children.

4. What are Jill's four tasks that are set out by Aslan?

5. Why did the children feel they had to sneak away from the giants?

6. Why do the owls have to secretly meet to try to save the prince?

7. Why didn't Eustace recognize his friend, King Caspian?

8. Do you really think Jill was mad at Eustace for not recognizing Caspian and, if so, do you think Jill was right to be mad at Eustace?

9. When the travelers reach a bridge made by giants that runs across a deep precipice, Puddleglum is reluctant to use it because he is afraid it might be an enchanted bridge and it might disappear while they are only half across. Based on what is already known about the giants at that point, do you think Puddleglum's fear was valid?

10. In chapter 5, the children are taken on a long flight with the owls and are put inside a hut where they instantly fall to sleep. Do you think that it was right for the children to trust the owls and, if so, do you think the owls betrayed that trust by leaving the children alone in the strange hut?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Near the end of the book, Aslan goes to the real world to help Jill with her bully problem.

Part 1:

Do you think it was necessary for Aslan to help Jill at the end of the book or do you think Jill had evolved enough to help herself? Use examples from the book to back yourself up.

Part 2:

If you were Jill, do you feel that you would have preferred to confront the bullies without Aslan? Why or why not? Would you have preferred to have help from someone other than Aslan? Why or why not?

Essay Topic 2

Besides Jill's school, there are three main settings in the story, Narnia, the land of giants and the underworld (underland). Answer the following questions about each of the three settings:

1. What do you feel each setting represents?

2. In what ways do the settings reflect the people who live there and the events that take place there?

3. Is each setting good, evil or neutral? Does any setting change, in terms of goodness or evilness, as the story progresses? If so, in what ways?

Essay Topic 3

Many people view the Chronicles of Narnia series, which The Silver Chair is a part of, as an interpretation of certain aspects of Christianity. Describe,in detail, three parts of the book that mirror stories from the Christian religion. For example, how does Caspian's rebirth at the end of the novel mirror the religion? Also, what part of Christianity might Aslan represent and why?

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