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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The children are directed to go North towards _________.
(a) Emmilwoor.
(b) Eggitoor.
(c) Ettinsmoor.
(d) Ellimoor.

2. Who vowed to kill the creature that bit the queen?
(a) The king.
(b) The prince.
(c) Jill.
(d) Eustace.

3. There is a great what the night that Jill and Eustace meet the owl and Trumpkin?
(a) Fire.
(b) Feast.
(c) Flood.
(d) Flash in the sky.

4. The lady directs them to the House of ________, where they can get a warm meal and a warm bed.
(a) Harpoon.
(b) Hailfire.
(c) Harfang.
(d) Handlefin.

5. Jill dresses while the owl gets Eustace and then she rides on his back to a what?
(a) Ruined city.
(b) Ruined tower.
(c) Ruined castle.
(d) Ruined bridge.

Short Answer Questions

1. Jill finds a little what and realizes she is very thirsty?

2. After another good cry, when the lion leaves, Jill wonders around where, exploring her surroundings?

3. What might there be at the place the children are planning to go?

4. Jill and Eustace have landed in a field close to a harbor beside a large what?

5. The ideas the lady planted in the children's heads about _______ makes them irritable.

Short Essay Questions

1. Explain how and why the lights of the House of Harfang distract the children.

2. Why do the owls have to secretly meet to try to save the prince?

3. How is Puddleglum's participation in the mission to rescue the prince ironic?

4. Describe Puddleglum's reaction to meeting the lady and the knight and what it means to the children.

5. Do you really think Jill was mad at Eustace for not recognizing Caspian and, if so, do you think Jill was right to be mad at Eustace?

6. Why do you think Eustace is afraid that the owls are against Caspian?

7. How did Jill's attitude on the cliff backfire on her? What is that incident meant to show?

8. When the travelers reach a bridge made by giants that runs across a deep precipice, Puddleglum is reluctant to use it because he is afraid it might be an enchanted bridge and it might disappear while they are only half across. Based on what is already known about the giants at that point, do you think Puddleglum's fear was valid?

9. Describe the scene, as Jill and Eustace are reunited at the harbor.

10. When a talking owl greets them, Jill tells the owl why they are there, which is news to Eustace since she has not told him yet. Eustace asks where they are and the owl answers they are in Cair Paravel and that it was King Caspian who has just left. Why does that news upset Jill?

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