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Experiment House

This place is the school that both Eustace and Jill attend. It is a modern facility in which the head mistress allows bullying of the students to continue.

The Door in the Garden

This thing is at Experiment House and is normally locked to keep the children from leaving school grounds during school hours.

The Cliff

When Jill and Eustace find themselves in Narnia, they are actually in Aslan's country, and are standing on a great mountain on the edge of this thing. Jill accidentally causes Eustace to fall off of this thing when she pretends to be brave and unafraid.

The Four Signs

Aslan gives Jill these things she must follow when she goes to search for the lost prince.

Cair Paravel

This place is the castle and surrounding village in which the King of Narnia lives.

Caspian's Ship

When Eustace and Jill arrive at...

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