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Chapter 1, Behind the Gym

• Jill Pole is behind the gym crying because she has been the victim of bullying.

• Eustace finds her there and they begin to talk. At first Jill thinks he might be on the side of the bullies and comments on this.

• Eustace tells her that he is different since a strange adventure he went on with his cousins.

• Jill says she would like to go on an adventure too, so Eustace calls out to Aslan.

• Eustace takes Jill out into the school's garden where there is a door in the garden wall. When he opens it, though, they find they are in another world.
• Jill and Eustace are on a tall mountain standing near a cliff.

• Jill tries to show off by standing as close to the edge as she dare.

• Jill becomes nervous. Eustace grabs her and tries to pull her back.

• Jill...

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