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Alessandro Baricco
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In his later years, what does Joncour do once a year?
(a) Returns to Helene's grave.
(b) Returns to Japan.
(c) Returns to Madame Blanche.
(d) Tours the silk mills.

2. What event are Helene and Joncour invited to on the Riviera?
(a) A Russian cleric's reception.
(b) A duke's wedding.
(c) The king's birthday.
(d) An Italian baron's 60th birthday party.

3. As Joncour stands on the side of the road with the boy, and the procession is leaving, what does Hara Kei do to Joncour?
(a) Throws the girl at him.
(b) Hits him across the face.
(c) Throws arrows at him.
(d) Holds a gun to his head.

4. What does Joncour do with the envelope he receives after his last trip to Japan?
(a) He hides it with his folded shirts.
(b) He throws it away.
(c) He stores it in the house across the street.
(d) He carries it with him for days.

5. How long does Joncour stay at the village of Hara Kei on the fourth trip, surveying the damage?
(a) For days.
(b) He leaves immediately.
(c) For hours.
(d) For a week.

6. What is the boy playing who accompanies Joncour to find Hara Kei on the fourth trip to Japan?
(a) A reed instrument.
(b) A harmonica.
(c) A trumpet.
(d) A guitar.

7. What does Joncour see when the procession with the mistress goes by him?
(a) The brightly-colored fabrics.
(b) The flames of war.
(c) The mistress' eyes.
(d) The blue of the sky.

8. How many girls do Helene and Joncour have?
(a) 3.
(b) 4.
(c) 2.
(d) 5.

9. What do the letters say at the end?
(a) "Go to the lake and think of me."
(b) "Have many children with your wife."
(c) "We will not see each other anymore."
(d) "I am with Hara Kei now."

10. After his last trip to Japan, what is Joncour doing when Helene comes to kiss him goodnight?
(a) Reading a book.
(b) Staring into space.
(c) Looking at the letter.
(d) Reading the note.

11. What tone are the letters written in?
(a) An excited tone.
(b) A sexual tone.
(c) A bland tone.
(d) A happy tone.

12. What does the Frenchman, Chardonnet, do?
(a) Finds the silkworm disease.
(b) Patents artificial silk.
(c) Develops a silkworm egg as good as Japan.
(d) Works with microscopes.

13. When asked about the war in Japan, how does Joncour respond?
(a) That it was not the way he expected.
(b) That it was terrible.
(c) That it was peaceful.
(d) That it was silent.

14. For the letters to be translated, Joncour must promise what?
(a) That he'll pay money.
(b) That he'll never return.
(c) That he'll never ask about Japan.
(d) That he'll sleep with Madame Blanche.

15. To Hara Kei, what is the boy who helps Joncour find the procession?
(a) He is the message of love.
(b) He is life itself.
(c) He is the devil.
(d) He is a spirit to be ignored.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is the youngest daughter named after?

2. What does Louis Pasteur decide about the silk egg production in Chapter 41?

3. Who could Baldabiou NOT tell a lie to about Joncour wanting to go to Japan for the fourth trip?

4. When Helene vacations with her husband in the villa by the sea, what does she think it will do?

5. When Joncour tells Baldabiou about the mistress, what does he say?

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