Objects & Places from Silk

Alessandro Baricco
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A town in the southern part of France where the main character is a long-time resident who was probably born there.


Hara Kei's village is located near this town. It is where Hervé Joncour meets the men who escort him to Hara Kei.

The Aviary

The mistress unlocks this to set the birds free, but they eventually all return.

Lake Baikal

This location is given four different nicknames: the sea in Chapter 12, the demon in Chapter 19, the last in Chapter 31, and the holy in Chapter 43.

Café Verdun

This place of business is Baldabiou's favorite establishment.

12 Rue Moscat, Nimes, France

This is the address of a draper shop and brothel.

Chapel to Saint Agnes

This is a building named after a saint.

The House of Jean Berbeck

This is the house where the late owner stopped talking until his wife and girls left him.

The Glove


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