Daily Lessons for Teaching Silk

Alessandro Baricco
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Lesson 1 (from Chapters 1-3)


Chapters 1-3

This novel is written in 1-2 page chapters. The objective of this lesson is to explore how this short-chapter-story-telling technique sets up the story line and is able to describe the historical setting, the process of making silk and describing the main characters.


1. Class Discussion: Is the writing more concise? Is the writing informative? Is there much embellishment? How are the character describes? Does the author describe the physical attributes of the characters or their personalities? How does the author describe the town of Lavilledieu? How long is each chapter? Do you feel that you are getting enough information about the story with this writing technique? What information is left out? What does the author tell us about this time in history? How does he set that up for us? What does the author tell us about making silk? Do you feel you...

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