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Alessandro Baricco
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History Comparision

Look up the history of the United States and draw a historical time line of U.S. history in the 1860s. Compare what is happening in the U.S. to the events in the novel.


Look up silkworms and gather information about the process of making silk. Work in groups, discuss your findings and share with the class.

Joncour's route to Japan

Look at a map and try to determine Joncour's route to Japan. Draw a line across the map to show how and where he traveled.

Silk Today

Look up the use of silk today. See what has changed in the process. How is silk used differently? Work in a group and write a report.

History Quiz

Using only the events from the novel, make a history quiz where the class can be divided into 2 teams and questions can be answered and a score...

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