Silk Character Descriptions

Alessandro Baricco
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Hervé Joncour

This character had begun a military career to please his father, but was recruited at age twenty-four to procure silkworm eggs for the local silk manufacturers.


This character appears one day in the town of Lavilledieu and single-handedly begins its silk manufacturing industry. He also owns two silk mills.

Hélène Joncour

This character has a beautiful voice, never ceases to support her husband's work, and helps him prepare for his long journeys even though they cause her pain.

Hara Kei

This character is a Japanese nobleman who deals silkworm eggs on the black market and presides over a rural village situated in the mountains.

Hara Kei's Mistress

This character is a woman with round eyes and a young face who holds a formal position of respect in the house in which she is a concubine.

Madame Blanche

This character lives in France and...

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