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Jose Raul Bernardo
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Sol tear up and give to Julian at her coming-of-age party?
(a) Letter.
(b) Poster.
(c) Dance card.
(d) Article.

2. What does Julian decide he must do after writing a letter to Lucia telling her about Sol?
(a) He cannot break his word to Lucia.
(b) Send the letter.
(c) Make her break their engagement.
(d) Never go back to Mexico.

3. What opera is Sol playing a love song from when Julian is playing chess with her father on the patio?
(a) La Boheme.
(b) Scheherazade.
(c) Tristan and Isolde.
(d) La Rondine.

4. What does Don Manuel say when Julian tells him he is to be married in Mexico City?
(a) "You horrible man!"
(b) "Congratulations, my boy."
(c) "I can't believe you!"
(d) "Wonderful!"

5. When Lucia looks in the mirror at the end of Chapter 16, what does she think she looks like?
(a) A beautiful woman.
(b) Her old self.
(c) A child.
(d) Ugly.

6. What does Julian thinks he sees on Sol's shoulders at the party?
(a) Snow.
(b) Wings.
(c) Stardust.
(d) Magnolia flowers.

7. What did Juan de Dios Rosado write that Don Manuel is having performed at his party?
(a) Waltz.
(b) Story.
(c) Play.
(d) Concerto.

8. What does Don Manuel invite Julian to do when he sees him at the library?
(a) Play a game of stick ball.
(b) Take a trip to Mexico City.
(c) Go to lunch with him.
(d) Watch a play.

9. Where does Sol lead Julian while they are on a walk in Chapter 16?
(a) Shed.
(b) River.
(c) Gazebo.
(d) Sea.

10. What game does Julian tell Don Manuel he loves?
(a) Checkers.
(b) Cards.
(c) Chess.
(d) Chinese Checkers.

11. What can Lucia hear when she looks out the hotel window on her wedding trip?
(a) Street vendors.
(b) Whistles.
(c) Sirens.
(d) The Pacific Ocean.

12. What job does Julian get that Lucia says sounds like stability to her?
(a) University professor.
(b) Revolutionary.
(c) Article writer.
(d) Poet.

13. What does Don Manuel say to his wife when she asks him if he is drunk?
(a) "I've only had one drink."
(b) "Drunk with pleasure!"
(c) "No, I would never get drunk with you."
(d) "Yes, my love, tonight I am drunk with life!"

14. What does Sol say to Julian after she gives him her gift before he leaves for Mexico?
(a) "Don't forget me."
(b) "Goodbye."
(c) "Be well."
(d) "Forget all about me."

15. Who places Sol's gown on a dummy after the party is over?
(a) Xenufla.
(b) Her youngest sister.
(c) Gabriela.
(d) Her mother.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Senora Saavedra wearing in her hair when she is going to Don Manuel's party?

2. What subject is Julian writing about in his notebook at the beginning of Chapter 10?

3. Who does Julian say Sol is?

4. What does Julian tell Panoplo he has found in Sol?

5. What kind of hotel are Julian and Lucia staying in?

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