Silent Wing Short Essay - Answer Key

Jose Raul Bernardo
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1. What is Sol's state of mind at the beginning of the Prologue?

At the beginning of the Prologue, Sol has just awakened from her siesta. She finds her diary under the bed and goes to her dressing table. She wants to capture in her diary all the events that occurred when she visited the statue of St. Rita, but at first she doesn't know where or how to begin.

2. Describe Sol's appearance.

Sol is a beautiful almost 18-year-old. She has dark eyes and blond hair that falls to her shoulders.

3. What role does Xenufla play in the prologue?

Xenufla has a strong influence on Sol. She is her nanny and confidant and has outspoken opinions. She believes Sol should be married and urges her to make the pilgrimage to the statue of St. Rita to ask for a husband. Xenufla has taken care of Sol since the time she was born. Sometimes Xenufla acts as though she is Sol's real mother.

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