Daily Lessons for Teaching Silent Wing

Jose Raul Bernardo
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Objective: Prologue Sol says from the time she was born, Xenufla, her Indian nanny, has acted as if she was her mother. Xenufla gives Sol advice about getting married and urges her to visit the shrine of St. Rita. This lesson will explore Sol and Xenufla's relationship.

1) Class Discussion: Xenufla discusses every day Sol's unmarried state and urges her to visit the shrine of St. Rita. Sol writes in her diary that Xenufla is "impossible and stubborn" and wonders how she could ever say no to her. Discuss with the class the reasons Sol gives for visiting the shrine of St. Rita. How does Xenufla behave that makes it impossible for Sol to say no to her? How does Sol show her respect and love for Xenufla?

2) Small Group Activity: Form small groups and ask them to list the ways in which Xenufla tries to persuade Sol...

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