Silent Wing Fun Activities

Jose Raul Bernardo
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Diary Entry

Choose one event in the novel and write a diary entry from Sol's perspective. Be prepared to share your entry with another student.

Character Charades

Working in teams of two, act out a character's identity without using any words.

Let's Be Honest

Choose one scene in which Julian fails to tell Sol the truth about his impending marriage. Rewrite the scene so that Julian is honest with Sol. What does Sol say? Share your rewritten scene with the class.

Acrostic Verse

Using the title SILENT WING create an acrostic puzzle with words that define or describe the novel.

Author Biography

Look up biographical information on the author, Jose Raul Bernardo. What other kinds of writing has he done? Share your information with the class.

Fill in the Blank

Complete the following sentences with words or phrases and then exchange responses with classmates.

Soledad is very ________________________________.


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