Silent Wing Character Descriptions

Jose Raul Bernardo
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Anacleto - This character is a half-Mayan and half-white muleteer.

Cholito - This character is a barber.

Colonel Corrientes - This character speaks at the debate wearing a full dress uniform.

Doña Rosaura - This character acts with dignity and social grace.

Don Manuel - This character was instrumental in beginning and ending the war for Guatemalan independence.

Señor Fermín - This character gives another character money and a letter of introduction.

Gabriela - This fourteen-year-old insists that another character be invited to a party.

Ixhula - This character is cruel to mules.

Julián - This character was exiled from Cuba at the age of 17.

Lucía - This character spends nearly all the money sent by another character.

Organ Grinder - This character offers another character two statements of wisdom for free.

Panoplo - This character is an old Mayan bartender...

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